Listen Up Guys

Do you even know what your most attractive feature is? Maybe you think it is your beautiful eyes because you catch us ladies looking into them often. Or maybe it is the way you dress because you think us women appreciate a man with a sense of fashion. Maybe you think it is those abs you work so hard for […]

The Best Ways to Develop Trust in a Distance Relationship

Building trust in a long distance relationship is probably the biggest aspect of making one successful. Any time that the tiniest thought of worry comes into your partners’ or your mind, it is able to affect the relationship forever. So in order to prepare you as a long distance couple, here are some helpful tips: Make Sure to Tell Your […]

What Having a Friend Might Mean to You

People mean a lot to each other due to several memories, relationships and sometimes just a simple connection. For me, relationship or even friendship was a very strange thing. I never actually understood it. I liked being aloof, independent and on my own all the time. I loved my silenced-filled life with a lot of time to think whatever I […]

Before You Get Into A Long Distance Relationship

So they are going backpacking around Europe, or you are heading off to college in another state, or even another country. Whatever the reason that is causing you to consider taking your current relationship to long distance, there are a few things you need to consider and understand before you make the jump. It can be tough, but it is […]

Best Breakup Advice When Ending A Relationship

Begin making decisions on exactly what you desire to state ahead of time, since no matter how you feel you will be anxious when breaking up and leaving a relationship. Your soon-to-be-ex will feel hurt no matter what you say and your reasons why should be discussed very calmly and with self-confidence. The majority of people do not understand that […]

The Price Of Love

After all these years while shedding too many tears I find myself now remembering the times of my life. A kaleidoscope of memories keeps flashing through my conscious thoughts. Though some of those years brought comfort and joy while others I struggled to get by. In reflection the decisions I made many a price was paid. I remember it now […]

When I Get Angry And Frustrated About My Spouse’s Affair, He Acts Like He Might Move Out

There is often an element of “punishment” that comes after the discovery of the affair. The two people within the marriage can become angry, can withdraw, and can therefore “punish” their partner for different reasons. For example, the faithful spouse can have understandable anger and resentment toward the cheating spouse and it can come out in all sorts of ways. […]

Why Doesn’t My Separated Husband Want To Come Home?

I sometimes hear from separated wives who want nothing more than for their husband to come home. I understand this thinking because it is what I felt when I was separated. I used to ask myself how many more days or weeks that I could tolerate. I would tell myself that I could probably only tolerate a few more days. […]