The Best Art Deco Inspired Watches for You

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Art Deco inspired watches are so interesting. Art Deco is known as a little overused in the luxe-focused world of watch marketing.

You can see the Art Deco too often. People use the style as a catch-all word for any blend of geometric forms and vintage air.

It still maintains a larger-than-life presence in the world of art, design, and architecture. So, this is so interesting.

The Best Art Deco Inspired Watches for You

3 Art Deco Inspired Watches

In watch design, the term lends itself to bold usage of atypical dial layouts. It is over with chunky numerals and faded hues.

When used correctly, it can bring a dash of artistry. It even brings an aesthetic merit to the wrist. But when you use it incorrectly, its significance melts away.

Here are the recent watch releases that approach the usage of Art Deco styling with great deal and respect. These watches will create some very attractive timepieces.


Bulova made the surprise move by launching an entirely new collection filled to bring in 2019. This collection came with limited-edition models that echo the brand’s New York City heritage.

The new Bulova Collection contains 16 different timepieces. Those Bulova Collection came in variety of case style, like tonneau, round, and tank,

Vacheron Constantin

The next Art Deco inspired watches is Vacheron Constantin. First added to the contemporary lineup in 2008, the Historiques 1921 American has become one of the brand’s most popular designs.

Historiques 1921 Americas is base on and was released in 1921. Vacheron Constantin produced these watches in limited quantities.

This watchkeep much of the vintage elements intact while further developing into the modern luxury elements. Vacheron Constantin the best Art Deco inspired timepieces.


Tissot Heritage Petite Seconde made its debut at Baselworld 2018. This watch became the hit of the show for the accessible priced Swatch Group brand.

This watch has the brushed finish on the dial, combination of the large, printes Arabic numerals, and also vintage Tissot logo. These details are so interesting.

The design references the brand’s historic productions that featured special antimagnetic properties during the 1930s and ’40s.

Tissot was one of the first brands to bring wristwatches featuring santi-magnetism to market. Their watches are generally known for clean dial configuration, steel cases, thin hands, and price accessibility.

Each watch has their own uniqueness that makes them special. They will give you a vintage look but still with a modern touch. If you styled these Art Deco inspired watches well, it will give the best vintage look.