After all these years while shedding too many tears I find myself now remembering the times of my life. A kaleidoscope of memories keeps flashing through my conscious thoughts. Though some of those years brought comfort and joy while others I struggled to get by. In reflection the decisions I made many a price was paid. I remember it now with great fondness and with a bit of sorrow of the great love I had back when I was so young. That love I thought would last still brings me to tears. First tears of joy then I was blind sided by how love could hurt so much when that love died.

It was the price I paid for a love so sweet when youthfulness triumphed over reason and sanity that set in motion the bittersweet memories I now have. I knew what would happen the moment I fell. That fateful time when love was supposed to conquer all sealed my fate. It was that moment in time when love was in bloom only made me realize the enormous price I’d have to pay. That price was that my parents had nothing to say. We were set adrift in the sea of life never to see my parents again. So long ago my parents passed yet never a word was mentioned how that love hurt them so much.

The price I paid for a love that did not last hunts me now. In some respects I am still paying a price for a love that should have last. But, as the years have gone by there were other affairs. Each on as memorable as the last. But, I will never forget the price that I paid for the decision I made so long ago. The memories I have with only that one regret. I did things my way though the cost was most dear.

They say life is all about loss. When decisions were made the cost that we bear and the loves that were lost has kept a chill in the air. All that was yesterday and yesterday is gone. Now, what is left are memories so dear. The flames of desire when love arrives have always faded when a love dies. More times than not I felt the passion when the beating of two hearts blend together. Those memories have stood the passage of time. I have always known a heavy heart but thankful it has kept my feet to the ground. Moments of times of the past many questions still arise.

When the gray turned white now in my latter years I have begun to see how my life turned out to be. So fortunate I was to have loved and so saddened when a love dies. The times of my life when memories were made are now pages pressed in the back of my mind. With fondness and gratitude for a life well spent though things could have turned out differently had another choice been made. It saddens me still when decisions were made sent me on a path I knew I had to take. Many of us go through life filled with regrets. I guess I am no different but the price I paid was with no regrets. For the love that should have been I have only this to say, I did it my way even though the cost was almost to much too bear. But, if I could live my life over I’d do it again and again.