Some couples let anniversaries slide by unnoticed, because they either don’t care or it’s too painful to remember how things used to be. For others, an anniversary presents an opportunity to really connect with each other, remember the good things that have happened through their years together, and celebrate joy at having found your true love in each other. Part of any good celebration is the perfect gift that will show your spouse how much you truly care. Even if you think your husband isn’t going to appreciate anything that you give him, don’t be fooled by the old wives’ tale that men don’t enjoy receiving gifts or that there’s nothing to buy for a man. There are a lot of great ideas for anniversary gifts that are going to knock his socks off.

Men love practical items that they can use in their everyday lives. Things like a leather wallet, various power tools, and even the mundane items like jeans and socks will please the practical side of his nature. Think about what he likes to do. If he’s a golfer, there are tons of golf items that you can pick up. For the outdoor chef, how about a package of different types of meats? A white-collar worker will appreciate a high-end shirt, a silk tie, or even a stylish hat. You can get a lot of ideas from just knowing what your husband likes and doesn’t like. Keep your eyes and ears open for hints, even if it’s still months before the big day.

Like everyone else today, your husband might appreciate one of the newest technological gadgets. Try giving him an upgrade for his phone, an Ipad, or even a Nook so that he can read his favorites while enduring unavoidable delays, such as waiting in a doctor’s office or riding the subway. Think about giving him a new laptop, a large flat-screen TV, a Tivo, or something else that you know he’s been wanting. Yes, these gifts can be expensive, but by planning ahead, you can save up the money you will need. If you want a gift that isn’t going to cost you quite so much, try a new electric razor or even the high-tech razor blades that he needs for his manual razor.

If you’d like to capitalize on the potential romance of the occasion, plan to either take him out to a fantastic restaurant or cook him a lavish meal served with candlelight and music right in your own home. Creating a scrapbook for him that includes the highlights of your lives together can remind him of all the great times you’ve had, or just writing him a sincere love letter can give him more joy than you might think. Even a treasure hunt in which he will follow clues that lead him to you wearing a slinky negligee has possibilities without costing a lot of money.