Is Infidelity Rising? Has It Become An Epidemic?

I sometimes hear from women who are reeling from their spouse’s affair, but who are not alone. Many know other wives, friends, or family members who are also going through this. Another generation ago, it might be rare to hear about infidelity, but today, it seems that we all know several folks who have dealt with it. Frankly, it is […]

Marital Affairs: Dangerous and Destructive

Have you noticed that lying is rampant in our culture? Anonymity, lies, secrecy and selfishness to a degree not yet seen. Blame it on modern day technology. It’s easy to lead a secret life, shielding ourselves from everyone, texting and communicating one thing, when our outward lives reveal something else. It’s frightening if you stop and think about it. After […]

The Price Of Love

After all these years while shedding too many tears I find myself now remembering the times of my life. A kaleidoscope of memories keeps flashing through my conscious thoughts. Though some of those years brought comfort and joy while others I struggled to get by. In reflection the decisions I made many a price was paid. I remember it now […]

When I Get Angry And Frustrated About My Spouse’s Affair, He Acts Like He Might Move Out

There is often an element of “punishment” that comes after the discovery of the affair. The two people within the marriage can become angry, can withdraw, and can therefore “punish” their partner for different reasons. For example, the faithful spouse can have understandable anger and resentment toward the cheating spouse and it can come out in all sorts of ways. […]

All About Infidelity

Many couples get into marriage with a clear and strong red line in regards to infidelity. They say “If my partner ever has an affair, I’m done and I am getting a divorce.” And then it unexpectedly happens to you leaving you to deal with the devastating betrayal and the unavoidable roller coaster of emotions. When confronted with the painful […]