Resources for Long Distance Couples

After committing to your long distance relationship, here are some useful tools for all long distance couples. Tool #1 – The Postal Service You heard right, The Postal Service! Instant messaging is easy and emails are fast, but do you remember many years before that when we would mail letters to each other? We’ve found that long distance couples that […]

On the Road That Connects Us

Last weekend I had the extraordinarily rare opportunity to travel from El Paso, TX to Phoenix, AZ. Total, that’s 900 miles of driving time alone. I can’t even believe it happened even looking back on it. I was alone. No kids. No husband. Just me and my steady steam of podcasts on the open road – and I could actually […]

Know What to Do and What Not To Do in Long Distance Relations

To make a relationship work, there are a lot of things which must be kept in mind. Some of these are aspects which let a relationship blossom and some of them should be refrained in the relationship. While they may appear simple to execute, they take more than one’s efforts and discipline. It is your seriousness as well as desire […]

Relationship Advice – Tips to Help a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Few types of relationships are more challenging than the long-distance sort. For many reasons, some couples end up in a long-distance relationship, either on purpose or by accident. Sometimes, the people meet each other and live hundreds or thousands of miles apart, but they still manage to fall in love. Other times, people are married or dating and end up […]

The Best Ways to Develop Trust in a Distance Relationship

Building trust in a long distance relationship is probably the biggest aspect of making one successful. Any time that the tiniest thought of worry comes into your partners’ or your mind, it is able to affect the relationship forever. So in order to prepare you as a long distance couple, here are some helpful tips: Make Sure to Tell Your […]

Before You Get Into A Long Distance Relationship

So they are going backpacking around Europe, or you are heading off to college in another state, or even another country. Whatever the reason that is causing you to consider taking your current relationship to long distance, there are a few things you need to consider and understand before you make the jump. It can be tough, but it is […]

Battling the Long Distance Blues

Majority of people think that working through a long distance relation is complex and tough to handle. However, it all boils down to your seriousness for your relationship. There may be a few ups and downs, lack of time and work coordination but if you are sincere enough; your partner can be your soul mate for life. How to beat […]

The Best Long Distance Relationship Date Suggestions

Let me set the scene. After driving for miles and miles, you finally get to see your long distance lover. You decide to go to the movies. You’ve selected a good movie to see. You’ve got the popcorn. The lights begin to dim and you both fall silent. Does anyone else see what’s wrong with this picture? You may be […]