Tales of Marrying a “Chudiyal” or Female Evil Spirit

In India a belief of a she evil spirit called chudiyal is strong and many tales are cited A She Evil Spirit Chudiyal in Indian folklore is an evil spirit who can take the form of a beautiful woman. The Chudiyal is part of Hindu mythology and denotes a woman evil spirit who has been denied entry into the spirit […]

Why Doesn’t My Separated Husband Want To Come Home?

I sometimes hear from separated wives who want nothing more than for their husband to come home. I understand this thinking because it is what I felt when I was separated. I used to ask myself how many more days or weeks that I could tolerate. I would tell myself that I could probably only tolerate a few more days. […]

How Am I Supposed To Move On From A Husband I Still Love?

Sometimes, no matter how badly you want your husband or your marriage, he makes it very clear that he doesn’t believe that you are going to get either one. Sometimes, no matter how hard you personally fight for your marriage, your spouse or partner isn’t fighting alongside of you. No matter how much we would like to change things, the […]

Relationship As a Spiritual Path

The concept of spirituality derives from “spiritus,” meaning vitality or breath of life. Like an electric charge, our soul awakes when we’re connected to that force. The more we’re aligned to it, the stronger and more alive is our soul. We tap into this power each time we express ourselves authentically. SPIRITUAL PRINCIPALS Consider spiritual concepts, such as faith, surrender, […]

Secrets to a Successful Relationship That Can Lead to Marriage

You don’t just check in and check out of a relationship if you want it to progress into marriage. for a relationship to be successful, it should be backed up with prayer. With prayer, your relationship will progress into marriage and more prayer will make your marriage divorce-proof. For your relationship to metamorphose into marriage, you need the “she stoop […]

Husband… Your Wife Isn’t A Weak Vessel!

First of all, it is essential to mention that this isn’t a way to look down on Bible teachers and other eminent scholars. Likewise, it isn’t a way to school anyone on… the use of English. As a matter of fact, this writer isn’t a native speaker of the English language nor has he training on any literary related discipline. […]

How to Please Your Spouse

When a person decides to get married the goal is to find someone you can be happy with for a lifetime. Most people do not purposely marry someone who they feel will make them sad and unhappy. The method for being in a happy relationship with a spouse who wants to be in that relationship is learning how to please […]