Do you even know what your most attractive feature is? Maybe you think it is your beautiful eyes because you catch us ladies looking into them often. Or maybe it is the way you dress because you think us women appreciate a man with a sense of fashion. Maybe you think it is those abs you work so hard for every day at the gym. Possibly you believe it is that gorgeous smile you have with those perfect white teeth. Well let me tell you something all of those things are great but they are not the number one reasons why us ladies are attracted you…

One of the most appealing thing to us is your CONFIDENCE! It is the way you carry yourself when you enter a room. It is they way you make eye contact from across the room. It is the way you show no fear when you walk up to us and strike up a conversation. Essentially it is your belief in your self that shows in your body language.

Please understand there is a fine line between confidence and acting cocky! Cockiness can be very unattractive so be careful not to cross that line. No one finds that attractive. Remember it is not what you say, it is how you say it.

What this means is that no matter what you look like you can still learn how to charm a woman with your confidence. You can overcome the early balding, the few extra pounds or the fact that you may be vertically challenged. All you have to do is feel good about yourself and maybe learn a few techniques in the art of body language.

We all know that men are visual but most women typically are not. Many women recognize that when we get older and we are sitting on the porch swing with the man of our dreams it is not his looks that keep us interested, it is his character. Looks can fade but the make up of a persons character is what we are left with in the end. All I can tell you is that you may win us over with confidence more so then you would with that perfectly sculpted body and it is that confidence that will keep us around.

So take a look in the mirror guys. Don’t ignore what you see because there is always room for improvement but understand, it is not what you see that really matters. It is how you exude that confidence and it will win us over just about every time!

And by the way… we also dig nerds but that is a blog for another day!