1. Go in Blind

How about a blind date? Well you don’t have to kiss the person, especially if they have funky breath or something, you just have to meet them. Have someone you do know set you up with a stranger. It is almost like a little adventure. You could even use social media to find someone. If things go poorly you’ll be less likely to freak out about it since you are just out looking for a friend instead of a lover.

2. Do you

Coming back to the cliché category, you should just try being yourself. I know I know I hate that phrase too. Every person has heard it, and the first thing that pops into your head is, “well I’ve been trying that for 20 years and look where that has got me!” Well think of it a little different. Instead of be yourself, try don’t be afraid to be yourself. Do the things you like to do. You want to go skydiving? Go do it, but first give me your bank account info just in case. If you like to read, go do so at a library or bookstore. There is a very good chance that people with similar interests can be found out doing the things you like to do. If someone catches your eye introduce yourself, you can even go in blind! Just don’t knock stuff over.

3. Smile

This might seem like a no brainer, but everyone around you feels more comfortable when a person is smiling. And did you know that people who smile are seen as more attractive, nicer, and more approachable than those with a neutral expression? So go ahead and show those pearly whites, and if they are not so white, try Crest.

And those are some of the tips and tricks I have on making friends. I’m always looking for new ideas so check back often! Making friends is not easy, but everyone is looking for friends. So go in blind if you have to, don’t be afraid to be yourself, don’t be afraid to ask personal questions, and set some goals for yourself. And remember to smile!

4. Keep Trying

It is easy to give up after one rejection after another, but do not give up! Making friends it not easy, just like pursuing a romantic interest. You pass notes to them like in grade school, you send flowers, and you invite them out to thing you know they like. You can do these things for friends too. Maybe not flowers, a card will do. It could be as easy as sending a coworker an email asking if they want to get lunch.

Remember to be yourself, ask questions that develop intimacy and don’t give up. Stay friendly everyone!