People mean a lot to each other due to several memories, relationships and sometimes just a simple connection. For me, relationship or even friendship was a very strange thing. I never actually understood it. I liked being aloof, independent and on my own all the time. I loved my silenced-filled life with a lot of time to think whatever I want. In simple words, I was never a people person.

I always wondered as a kid how other people make friends. How they start a conversation and listen to each other and most importantly, what they actually talk about for so many hours. It always made me curious.

And then came, teenage! It’s already quite a complicated phase and my classmates somehow liked me they tried to talk and share but I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of getting close to anyone or sharing my side of the story. That at least taught me to listen and this helped me to be around people and tolerate them for long hours.

Continuing with the same confusion about friendship, I entered in university and even though I met wonderful people out there but there was no one I actually missed or wanted to stay in contact with. Sometimes, it made me feel that there was something seriously wrong with me and that maybe I am not the person who can have friends. Every time, someone did an effort and even if I knew their good positive intentions; I backed-off. I started ignoring them, being rude to them and even sometimes mean to them (proved myself as “not a nice person”to be friends with).

But strangely, about a while ago I met a wonderful person and suddenly there was this amazing connection right away between us. I immediately started sharing and talking. I know it was strange but it truly was amazing which made me believe that there is always a certain time for some things to happen.

Also, I realized that not having a friend doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with you. It’s just that you haven’t found the right person. Now, when I have my soul sister finally! I can easily say that being friends with someone and honoring it actually makes you feel complete. I never realized that having a friend can mean this much to you that you are unable to describe it.

So, it’s still not too late. I know you have others like brothers, sisters and parents but a friend has its own value and charm.