Majority of people think that working through a long distance relation is complex and tough to handle. However, it all boils down to your seriousness for your relationship. There may be a few ups and downs, lack of time and work coordination but if you are sincere enough; your partner can be your soul mate for life.

How to beat the distance nuance:

Employ a positive attitude

The worst reason for the failure of long distance relations is that people are not positive towards the relation. Do not think that you and your partner are far apart. Be in constant touch with your partner. This will keep the relation going. It is up to you to let your relation grow. You both must be positive towards making efforts in growing your relationship.

Faith matters

Trust is a big factor for the blossoming of any relation, be it far or near. There can be insecurities that your partner may be unfaithful towards you, but you need to understand that there is a certain level of faith that you both promised each other. Be loyal from your side, your partner will be loyal as well.

Communication is the key

It is of vital importance to remain in touch with each other through calls, web cam, chat rooms, emails or any other mode of communication. You should talk to each other every day. You must be aware of what is going on in the life of your partner and stick together in times good and bad. Inform each other about your friends, events and work related happenings. This will give you reasons to talk to each other every day and think about the other person.

Everybody loves surprises

Take some time out from your busy schedule and plan a nice surprise. You will cherish the memories forever. The look of love and surprise on your partner’s face would make all your troubles worth. Love-letters may seem outdated but still carry thoughtful feelings to show how much you love the other person.

Patience is a great virtue

Keep faith and have patience. You and your partner have not been separated forever. There will be a time when you both can be together finally. Occupy yourself in some activity. Keep your mind busy so that when you meet your love, you have lots of things to talk about.

I love you is not too costly

If you are missing out on soothing words, you are missing your relationship. This is the first slump in a relationship wherein the partners do not say how much they love each other. Whenever you talk, do not forget to say ‘I love you’. It will not let the relationship become stale and harness a stronger bond.

Do not spy

It is but natural to be suspicious if something alters in a relation. But, keeping your fears at bay and giving time for your partner can save your relation from turning into havoc. It might be that your partner is taking time to settle down in his or her surroundings or is suffering from some ailment. Discuss what you think may be the cause of the distant behaviour but do not spy.

A relationship is not a test, so why cheat! Give time, space and understanding to your partner, he’ll respond back in the same fashion. The key to a great and strong long distance relationship is rekindling the old flame. This will ensure that you both remain in love for eternity.