So they are going backpacking around Europe, or you are heading off to college in another state, or even another country. Whatever the reason that is causing you to consider taking your current relationship to long distance, there are a few things you need to consider and understand before you make the jump. It can be tough, but it is possible to have a positive outcome from a long distance relationship. Here are a few points to remember before you decide.

#1 You Will Argue

Identical to a local relationship there will be some things you don’t agree on. This can make things extremely hard when you are hundreds of miles apart. After things have levelled out just tell yourself that it’s completely healthy to have quarrels once in a while, but you need to be thinking about ways that you both can both compromise on the issues. You’ll both need to meet in the middle and come to an agreement. By working out these issues it will help you get over your next argument sooner.

#2 You Will Get Lonely

Quite frankly, it might be heartbreaking at times. Couples that spend a long time apart from each other often feel more lonely than ever. The best medicine is to surround yourself with family members, or find a great hobby to occupy your time away from your partner.

#3 Jealously Could Spoil Your Relationship

Before you decide on a long distance relationship, you should already have a strong foundation of mutual trust. We cannot stress how crucial that is. Anyone can get a little jealous sometimes, specifically when a past partner is around. If you one hundred percent know your significant other inside out, there will not be a single doubt in your mind about their loyalty to you. We suggest reading various relationship advice material together before you leave. Don’t wait for the issue to occur before you seek advice.

#4 It Can Be Very Hard Work

Some people may even argue that a distance relationship is undoubtedly much harder work than a local relationship. It takes great strength and perseverance for a distance relationship to come out on the other side. You both need to be in it 100 percent from the start until the end of your time apart. Plan on seeing each other every single day. Arrange long distance dates together. And make sure to talk about daily events with your partner. This goes without saying, but never forget to take an interest in their lives, their goals, and your future together.