To make a relationship work, there are a lot of things which must be kept in mind. Some of these are aspects which let a relationship blossom and some of them should be refrained in the relationship. While they may appear simple to execute, they take more than one’s efforts and discipline. It is your seriousness as well as desire to save your relationship which impacts the outcomes of your actions.

This guide will help you in understanding what to do and what to refrain from in a long distance relation.

What you should do?

  • The communication channel should be effectively established. While a lot of people think that telephonic communication is vital, there are other services too which can help you connect to your loved one. These include instant messaging, mails, social networking sites, VOIP etc.
  • They say distance makes the heart grow fonder. But, sometimes, distance can cause trouble. You may be staying in different parts of the world but do plan and meet each other once in a while. Meeting and physically seeing each other is a huge comfort which assures you with strength in your relationship. By seeing each other, both of you can catch up on the things you missed out. Moreover, the anticipation of meeting again will usher hope and excitement and rekindle the old love.
  • Hobbies are a wonderful way to keep oneself busy with enjoyment and in case of couples; it can act as something which brings the two souls together. By working upon a same hobby, both of you will be able to share things and work on strengthening your relationship. Doing something online collectively can be interesting as well as enjoyable as it will require participation from both sides.
  • Occasionally remembering your partner through cards, gifts, letters etc can help in bringing both of you closer. Use your creativity and imagination to make your gifts unique. A sweet card or a teddy once in a while will be an unexpected surprise and bring happiness to your partner. Photographs serve as interesting souvenirs. Make sure you catch all your precious moments and cherish them while your partner is away.

What you should not?

  • Do not search for an alternative

This is a common blunder that couples commit. They settle for someone when their partners are not around physically. This not only puts your relationship at risk but also, you tend to compare your partner with the third party and break the mutual trust.

  • Do not take the relation lightly

While your partner is away, you cannot take the relation lightly and manipulate it. Accept the relation as any other normal relation and treat your partner fairly.

  • Do not be suspicious

Do not get infected by suspicion in your relationship. Trust your partner whole heartedly for a single moment of doubt will break the bond between you two.

  • Do not listen to people

It is wise not to succumb to any negative feedback on your relation. A lot of couples believe that relations in long distance are a failure. However, it is not true in all cases. If you are serious and committed, you can make the relation work, no matter what people say.