Before you read this article I would like to tell you that this is not going to give you reasons why you should not get into a long distance relationship. You should be aware that distance relationships can work and often do work. It takes quite a lot of effort for you to to gain a good outcome, but the results are excellent. You will find listed below the major reasons that a distance relationship may not be successful.

A Variation of Expectations

People often have no idea on what it means to be in a distance relationship. Many presume it’s a chance to be free of their lovers chains for some time. While others might think it will be an unfortunate tragedy. Both of you have got to be aware that this could possibly be harder than you think. But don’t be intimidated. Just like we said, the rewards can be great.

The Cost of Flights/ Gasoline

In case you’re lucky enough to reside in the same country, or perhaps the same state or county, as your partner you probably may only have to pay for a train or bus pass to visit with them. However if your long distance sweetheart is overseas, you should definitely keep the traveling costs in mind.

Not Enough Interaction

Bear in mind that you need to stay in close contact with your partner. It is often advised by a relationship counsellor that regular couples ought to spend eight hours alone with the other every week. And the same is recommended for distance couples. It can be quite difficult when you each have separate careers and life plans to keep up this communication. Also when the early “love-struck” thoughts have worn off, chatting through a laptop may begin to get fairly dreary. We recommend that you plan some great long distance dates.

Loss of Trust

Trust is the number one reason that a distance relationship won’t work. Many have a false presumption that they are able to do anything they want when their significant other is away. We highly advise against this perception. Taking part in trust activities and asking partnership building questions to get to know each other better will really help to build a solid foundation of trust.

Different Views

Two opposites won’t remain together if the both of you have totally different views on important factors of life. Prior to starting a distance relationship you need to make time to talk about each others opinions. And just remember that it can save a relationship to change your opinions to meet your lovers.

Absolutely No Future Plans

The primary reason why the majority of relationships go wrong – not to mention the distance ones – is because there are simply no plans for the long term. Be sure to clearly establish where the relationship is going before you depart. This should save a ton of grief along the line.