It is OK to have a healthy loving relationship. Unfortunately, you may realize your partner is a narcissist. It is shocking and sad fact. It is far better to know the truth than getting stuck in lies till the rest of your life.

Narcissists are those type of people unable to love other human beings back. They sabotage and destroy their relationships. Keep your eyes wide open so it won’t be too late for you to get out.

The relationship with a narcissist will change you. There is one proverb “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. In other words, this person affects your emotions, your behaviors, and decisions. His mind games, manipulations and lies will brainwash you. You will accept to believe in many fake toxic beliefs about you and your life. Toxic memories about him will stay in your mind for a long time.

When you decide to go away, You may be completely broken in your new reality without him. You lost your identity and self-worth as you got exploited by his domination and abuse.

Narcissist leads their victims to lose their authenticity. You won’t know who you are anymore because he was the only one telling you who you are for so long.

You may feel broken as he broke your trust and betrayed emotionally. In other words, he misleads your person to trust him completely. He leads you to tell him everything about yourself. You believed in his fake personality and fake intentions. That is the reason why you got manipulated to do, think and feel whatever he wanted. He just used your weaknesses and trust against you.

Narcissist love power and control. He knows what women love to have a romantic partner. That is why they play a love scene. Often he will be the first one to use those three magical words of ‘I LOVE YOU’.

He will repeat this over and over again until he gets it from you the same confession. It is only a confirmation for them that you got sucked in. Then you must worship and obey them Otherwise, you are useless to him.

He will also do everything to isolate you. He hates exposure by your family and friend. That is the main reason why he will separate you from them. You will stay all alone with him. You won’t win with his never-ending mind games and abuse.

His plan is to destroy your life. He will entrap you mentally. It is a mind control game. He will offense you and degrade you. You believe that you are a worthless weak, unloved, unimportant creature. Nobody but he can love you so you must stay. If you rebel, he will use your dark secrets against you. If you want to run away, he will keep you financially dependent and mentally addicted to him.

When he will decide that you are not a good supply for him, he will leave you like an empty wallet. He will find a new victim leaving you wondering what happened. Yes, you have never been a loving human being to him. You were an object to him.

It is a very heartbreaking experience. There is a lot of grieve, painful emotions and traumatic memories. When you take a challenge and acknowledge your pain, you have a chance to reborn. It is a great chance to rebuild yourself, get strong, free and empowered individual.

If you are in a relationship with a narcissist now, you don’t have to live like this. You can get out before it goes any further.

Take a deep breath, recognize those red flags and do something about it.