You don’t just check in and check out of a relationship if you want it to progress into marriage. for a relationship to be successful, it should be backed up with prayer. With prayer, your relationship will progress into marriage and more prayer will make your marriage divorce-proof.

For your relationship to metamorphose into marriage, you need the “she stoop to conquer” attitude. It requires constant attention and planning to make a relationship turn into marriage.Marriage is honourable in all things and the bed undefiled. there is need to consciously work out the marriage plans with your partner regularly. a relationship that will lead to marriage is not run on love alone, it also runs on friendship and trust.

Be a friend to your partner. To love the right person you also have to be the right person to be loved. A caring man will cook for his woman, and also help in cleaning some of her chores, and vice versa. Don’t let any form of indecency creep into your relationship. For your relationship to be successful, you have to be addressed the way you are dressed. don’t be fooled, most men don’t fancy a “hot chick’ for marriage. And most ladies don’t like their men to be egotistic. They can enjoy all the enjoyables in the relationship process, but when it boils down to marriage, they settle for a decent and virtues character.

There comes a season in a man’s life that all his un-married female partners will look up to him for marriage. There also comes a time in a woman’s life when all her male friends look at her for marriage. There is no marriageable age, but there is a marriageable character. the earlier the preparation during the relationship stage, the sooner the marriageable season. For a successful relationship to transform into marriage, don’t looking at the outward appearance or physical attributes. outward appearance could sometimes be deceiving, but good values are important. The secrets for a successful relationship to lead to marriage are:

1. Choose your relationship partner wisely: A relationship that can lead to marriage takes understanding, patience and love. Line upon line, precepts upon precepts. sometime, a partner may have to ignore some nonsense. The idea is to make the relationship successful and not how it became a success. By careful observation of the character patterns of your partner in a relationship, you will easily know who you can spend the rest and the best of your life with. You lover doesn’t have to put your relationship on probation if you mistakenly breaks his your I-phone x.

2. Good and effective communication is very necessary for a relationship to lead to marriage. In a successful relationship, both partners settle their relationship between themselves. Women are moved by what they hear: and they easily give back to you with the same measure you give them.30 minutes a day of effective communication with your partner cannot be compared to 9 months of labour pains when she becomes your spouse and gets pregnant with your baby. You don’t enter into a relationship to change your partner. You conform to the character of your lover, you need to manage what you’ve got. Enjoy the good, manage the bad, and ignore the ugly side of your lover, so that the relationship will lead to your marriage. In mathematics, 90/100 is excellent. Learn to communicate without shouting or quarrelling with your partner during heated discussion. Prove your manhood/womanhood by daily improving your communication skills with your partner. It is not everything you need to argue about. ignore some things for the relationship to be successful. Talk to your partner with respect. Appreciate your partner always. Learn to say “I am sorry” and “thank you” to your partner at the slightest opportunity. Work out your relationship success with Love and patience. practice make perfect.