I have often wondered why even small plans I make do not succeed. God could have given me that job. He could have helped me if He really loved me. We often think on these lines, don’t we? We have a lot of questions we want God to answer much like Job had when he went through crisis untold. He suffered greatly and when his patience ran out, he began to address the Lord of the universe asking for insight into His ways and for an understanding of why He had allowed the events that had plunged his life into darkness.

Not knowing can be very disturbing. So I thought I would share the little I understand from the Bible about the heart of God which God wants to reveal to everyone who is penitent and humble to listen. We always stand before a righteous Saviour and God who had perfect wisdom and understanding. Job too confessed that his understanding was meagre and he had asked questions the answers of which were lofty for him to understand. Job concluded confessing that he was too weak to behold a mighty God and repented in dust and ashes.

God wants to liberate us from the bondage of ignorance. He wants us to be clear about the path and direction He is taking us. We have every liberty to ask and receive an answer. However we must ask in Spirit and in truth. If our hearts are too burdened or caught up in many cares, we too will be like the seed that fell among the thorns which could not bear any fruit.

God expects that we listen knowing that he is good and He truly cares. Yes it is true, we do not always understand and we need God to clarify things for us. But God expects that we have a fertile heart so that the seed of the Word He speaks will take roots and be firm for God to raise it up.

For indeed the Words He speaks never return void and they could bear no fruit if He were to speak regardless of our heart condition. It is imperative for us to prepare our hearts before we present our questions to God so that He can speak clearly and audibly to us. Sufferings and trials often prepare us and we feel able to listen when we are in a hard place. We want desperately to hear God so that He can illumine our ways. The amazing truth is that He can show us what we are doing wrong and steer us in the right direction.

His ways are truly beyond finding out unless we humble ourselves and let Him hold us close to His heart. We are unfortunate that we serve a loving God who wants us to listen to His heart beat. His plans are too grandiose and He only does the best.

I have a daughter and I don’t let her eat an icecream from a hawker. I want her to have the best possible icecream. So I take her to a parlour with conditioning on and grand looking seats, a musical ambience and pure fresh air to let her enjoy her treat.

So it is with God. We want to pick something that’s easy by the roadside. But He says, “Wait, I’ll you take you to the parlour.” Often the parlour is a little way off. We may have to walk a little, and it often is under construction. The people who were supposed to build the parlour were facing some trouble and so we too wait outside until the parlour is inaugurated and we can then enter.

See, how easy life can be if only we understand that our Father is too great for us to easily decipher. He always makes very grand and elaborate plans for each of His children. But, we His children are often slow to understand. We want things, even the tiniest crumbs in a hurry. We are not willing to wait for God or on God for His best and this is the unfortunate reason why many Christians are offended and bitter at God. They are not willing to praise Him with all their heart. They have trouble asking, so they don’t receive. They don’t even have a walk with Him because they think it is useless and He won’t serve them even a dime.

We see Him objectively through the lens of ‘What can He do for me’? Well, He even couldn’t save Himself from the cross? This is no way to think because it indicates that your heart has been embittered towards God and you are not willing to give God a second chance to work on your heart, your feelings and your life. Trust Me, He does deserve your love and affection. He waits and longs for your prayer. He wants to brighten up your way. He is concerned for your eternal future. He doesn’t want your life to count for nothing but He wants you to be a conqueror and receive the best rewards in Heaven.

God only calls the unqualified. He knows that too much qualification is a deterrent to progress. To progress with God, we often need to empty ourselves of all our achievements and our knowledge and come to Him like a little child willing to learn from Him and trust Him with all our heart. He does desire that we walk the entire distance with Him because He has so much to teach and to share. He truly is a loving and diligent Father who deeply loves us. He wants the best and will be by your side everyday of your life – to watch over you and to give you your heart’s desires.

Steadfast love is what makes us victorious in Him. His Presence takes away all the thorns and the thistles that choke out His word. He wants to celebrate you. He wants to smile with you and He wants to enjoy your love. He wants you to turn to Him in every moment of your life. He truly understands everything you go through. He really looks forward to your love. But we are often caught up in worldly cares.

We simply fail to comprehend His language to us. His language is very clear and evident in the Bible. His language is one of perfection, goodness, sweetness of soul and faithfulness. He is symbolic of ultimate love and perfection and grandeur. He is truly a wonderful Father to get to know. We want to walk with Him, into His glory, because there is no one else like Him. He alone is perfect. While we were sinners, He still loved us and gave His own Son for us. How great is His love towards us! Indeed He is worthy of our praises and our complete love. Just do His Word and when you fail, turn back and ask Him to give you the strength and grace to do His Will.

Don’t think He loves you less because you failed Him. His love is unchangeable. His love never ends. There is no length or depth or height to His love which knows NO LIMITS. This is the wonderful God we serve. He is the Alpha and the Omega. God of all creation and master planner of the Universe, He truly is wisdom personified. He is always thinking of you and planning everything to your advantage.

The fact is we are too simple to comprehend His huge, humungous plans for our life and we settle for the smallest that we can receive. We don’t understand that God doesn’t want us to settle for second best. His love is so vast and so great that He wants to lavish the best things on us. We too must receive the big gifts and not be stuck on receiving the smallest gift because God wants us to work towards the best plan He has for us.

So don’t set your aim low. You will not have that which you want because God will give you something that is not possible for you to think of. Indeed this is the secret that Joseph discovered. Abraham also understood that God would only give him his first son when he became God-minded – desirous of innumerable children like the stars of the sky. We think he waited really long. But it wasn’t so much about the time as it was about the final result. It was about giving Abraham a title that would be His unto eternity. It was about the glory that would encompass him in heaven. The position and the rank that Abraham is entitled to as a result of his diligent perseverance wasn’t something he could pay a price for but God is His wisdom saw Abraham rise like a star and shine brightly into the rest of eternity. Amen.