The preferred type of wedding car is likely to relate to the theme or aesthetics of the special day. While the style of the car is important, there are also several other things that need to be considered. Let’s take a look at five top things to consider when hiring a wedding car:

Know the costs

The actual cost of hiring a wedding car is influenced by a variety of factors. The basic cost of hiring a fierce V12 Aston Martin or a vintage 1940s Bentley is quite similar, but there are other things that will determine the total hire cost. For instance, the cost can be impacted by the length of time hired, the time of day, and the total mileage covered for the day.

Book in advance

The timing of the wedding will have an influence on how far in advance it will be necessary to make the arrangements. If the wedding is planned for a Saturday in August, the arrangements will need to be made well in advance. However, for the midweek wedding in November, there will likely be more flexibility and a higher chance of finding the right car even if you don’t book straight away.

Use a chauffeured car

Most companies will automatically include a chauffeur without the option to decline this service. However, there will be a lot less to go wrong when it is possible to rely on a professional driver. They will be fully aware of the entire process and make sure to follow the correct routes to arrive at the ceremony or reception on time.

Add decorations

Decorations for the car may be included by the hire company as a standard part of the package. However, it is worth checking to see if there is the option to choose the preferred style or colour of decorations. Most companies give this option, but it is worth checking if there is a real need to match a specific theme. Also, the service may include a variety of wedding extras, such as a bottle of champagne for the happy couple to enjoy while travelling to the reception.

How many cars

The number of cars needed varies from the small to large weddings. Beyond the most common choice of organising transport for the bride and groom, there are others to consider such as the parents, bridesmaids, kids and grandparents. It is possible to hire cars to make repeat trips to reduce the total number needed. Also, it will be necessary to plan certain things in advance, such as a car seat for the kids.