Victoria Milan: World’s No1 Discreet, Affair & Married Dating Site

If you are thinking of starting a new relationship, you are on the right page. Victoria Milan is one of the best affairs and married dating sites. On this platform, you can look for your desired partner for a long-lasting relationship. Therefore, if you are a desperate man and want to look for your desired partner as soon as possible, […]

Is Infidelity Rising? Has It Become An Epidemic?

I sometimes hear from women who are reeling from their spouse’s affair, but who are not alone. Many know other wives, friends, or family members who are also going through this. Another generation ago, it might be rare to hear about infidelity, but today, it seems that we all know several folks who have dealt with it. Frankly, it is […]

On the Road That Connects Us

Last weekend I had the extraordinarily rare opportunity to travel from El Paso, TX to Phoenix, AZ. Total, that’s 900 miles of driving time alone. I can’t even believe it happened even looking back on it. I was alone. No kids. No husband. Just me and my steady steam of podcasts on the open road – and I could actually […]

I Will Kiss You Each Night

The weather was made to order; as if purchased from a postcard factory specializing in perfect-day clip art. An unbroken clear blue sky stretched from horizon to horizon, white downy cotton clouds drifted lazily without hurry across the overhead vista, draping fleeting patches of cool shade upon the celebration and its attendees who came together to send off the newly […]

The Key Ingredient

Couples usually say they married their best friend. Well maybe, but your spouse doesn’t always have the one key ingredient that your best friend has. What should we call it? It may be different for each person. For me, I would call it speaking the same language. My childhood friend remains my best friend to this day. When we were […]

What at the Top Classic Cars for the Wedding Day?

A classic car is a perfect choice to transport the bride to the ceremony on the wedding day. There are plenty of stylish cars that are built with comfort, style and longevity in mind, such as several models produced by Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Jaguar. Any of these cars can make a popular and a tasteful option for the wedding day. […]

Loneliness After Divorce Or Break Up – Emotional Well-Being

You are getting over a break up, and you are asking yourself ways to overcome losing somebody you love. There are a couple of actions you can take for emotional well-being and to help you begin healing after divorce or separation. These steps are made to advise you about life after divorce, your lover ending the relationship, or similar separation. […]